…and has a wonderful plan for your life

God loves you, and has a wonderful plan for your life.
-1st of the 4 spiritual laws, as written by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ

I recently commented on an article at TheOoze.com titled Plans. The author is questioning how A) how specific a plan God has for our lives and B) how well we can know that plan. The last comment is as follows:

simple common sense proves the value of learning by trial and error, but I think Christians have a dim view of learning by trial and error. like if you make an error, then it means you didn’t seek God hard enough. if you had, then you wouldn’t have made the error. this is bs.

Now, it’s hard to say whether this person is a Christian or not, but it appears not. Is learning by trial and error ‘simple common sense?’ The funny thing about common sense, is that it’s not as common as we’d hope. Also, there are plenty of people making a living talking to both Christian and non-Christian audiences about things that are common sense. Yet, people have a fear of failure, avoid pain, and prefer not to take big risks. I don’t find this just a Christian phenomena, though it is indeed prevalent within Western Christianity, though there are many Christians who don’t ‘have a dim view of learning by trial and error.’

I agree with the last two lines of the comment though. Using God as an excuse to play it safe and avoid failure contrasts sharply with my understanding of the Bible and faith. Faith is about taking steps, often without knowing where. Sometimes faith means using our imaginations to create something that doesn’t exist. However, God NEVER promises that we’ll live a mistake-free life if we follow Him, nor do I see Biblical evidence that God has one specific plan for everyone’s life that we ‘have to get right.’ Does God have plans? Yes, but I’d say they are much more dynamic in nature, and much more relational in nature. It is important to seek God, but we sometimes miss that God created us to BE what He wants us to BE, and what we DO flows from that. And I’ll tell you this, when God wants to build character in a person, and when God wants to create a faith in that person so they will trust Him no matter what, do you think that means an easy path or a hard path? Do we learn dependence more when we already make the right decisions, or when we fall flat on our faces?

There have been plenty of time I’ve overanalyzed in my Christian walk, trying to get it right. I missed the point, and to the degree I still do that, I miss the point. The God of grace, love, and forgiveness wants me to be, and to trust Him like a child. He’s promised struggles in this life, but He has overcome the world. Am I a victim of this life, or an overcomer, not matter the circumstances?