Worshipping with Aaron Strumpel

In case you don’t know, my church body, Timberline Oldtown, meets in a coffee house on Sunday mornings, specifically, Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m not always excited to go to church services. Sometimes I get lost in them. Sometimes I don’t feel like I can give the right answer to ‘How are you?’ Sometimes I’m anti-social. Sometimes I’m not feeling all that loving. Sometimes I miss how much God loves me. Sometimes I don’t go to worship, and the whole ordeal takes effort.

That day was not today. Today, I went to church to worship a God I love, a God who I desperately need, a God who loves me. I felt loved today. It was a delightful surprise to find out that Aaron Strumpel would be leading worship this morning! If you don’t know Aaron, he is wonderful, he is family, and if you haven’t heard his album, go to his website, and listen, and buy. At Timberline Oldtown, we used to have a worship leader. About a year ago, he left for a new adventure, and so we started having various friends of our community lead worship in the interim. We’ve been doing that for about a year now. I like it. I like the variety of music. I like seeing different people’s hearts. Today Aaron led a few of his own songs. In the next few weeks, we’ll hear a variety of choruses, maybe even some hymns. The spectrum of songs is beautiful to me. There’s something quite profound, after all, about singing a song that people have worshipped to for 500 years.

Worship, of course, is about more than music, more than singing and song. Still, singing praises to God is quite mystical when our hearts are worshipping together in community…

Here’s a clip of Aaron playing his song ‘Family’ at Everyday Joe’s a few months back: