Movie Review : Stranger than Fiction

Stanger than Fiction is a quirky movie in a vein similar to Adaptation. It’s a movie about Harold Crick (Will Ferrell), a passionless man bound to routine. His life is interrupted by his formerly reliable watch and the voice of a narrator who is writing a book that strangely coincides with his life. Yet, when Harold hears his life is going to come to an end, he doesn’t want to die, yet, what is it he’s living for?

The turning point for Harold is when he finds out that many aspects of life, including his own death, are out of his control, and he’s advised to live his life. At first he doesn’t understand, but then he starts learning what it means to LIVE. I’ve been thinking a lot about that myself lately. The expectations of culture, and perhaps what seems safe, can be strangling. What is it I’m looking forward to in life? A pursuit of ‘getting it right’ isn’t what I’d call a path to life. Is there a point where we embrace mystery and start to live life? And in doing so, do we find life? Like Harold, I’ll just have to find out.