Movie Review – Raising Flagg

Raising Flagg is an independent film directed by Neil Miller. This was the opening film for the 2007 TriMedia Film Festival. It’s a slow film, and slightly quirky, as is common in many independent films, but the characters are fairly well-developed and well-acted for the most part. Not surprisingly, this is a character-driven film.

While the central plot element is the conflict between Flagg Purdy (Alan Arkin) and his lifelong friend and neighbor, Gus Falk (Austin Pendleton), the story is really about Flagg’s family and forgiveness. Flagg is a stubborn, prideful man who is hard to get along with. Yet, members of his family come to visit at his request, even if reluctantly. Throughout the film, the actors effectively convey the strained relationships within the family, and much of the story is watching the interactions play out between them. In the end, there isn’t so much resolution as there is progress, and a degree of hope.

We had the chance to have a Q&A session with Neil and Nancy Miller, Matthew Arkin, and Barbara Dana after the film. While the film could stand on its own, it was great to hear what went into making the film and to see two of the actors in the film on stage. That alone is a great reason to go to a film festival:)