TriMedia Film Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado

Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, along with the Lyric Cinema Cafe, Bas Bleu Theatre, and the Lincoln Center, are hosting the 2007 TriMedia Film Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Film festivals are a great way to see independent films, many of which are very good, but not likely to make it to the local multiplex. While the production quality doesn’t compare to Hollywood films, it’s quite amazing to see what people do with very small budgets. As far as scripts and acting, well, a Hollywood budget is no guarantee of quality there. I’ll be reviewing a few of the films from the festival shortly.

For Everyday Joe’s, this is one of the ways we’re happy to be involved with our local community and support the arts. I’m in agreement with Steve Turner, that as Christians, so much of living out our faith is just ‘being there’ and living out our hearts. We believe in this festival and in independent film, and look forward to the continued evolution of the festival, the films, and the filmmakers in the years ahead.