Via Affirmativa

I subscribe to all the blogs on faith and art I can find. Via Affirmativa just published the latest version of their: A Narrative Description of Our Purpose, which includes:

When language becomes brittle, when tradition becomes rote, when imagination shrinks, when our ability to laugh atrophies, when the wonder at the strangeness of life—and things like lizards—begins to evaporate, we become foolish. We allow our creativity to be twisted by fear. We lose our courage to play and discover ourselves as participants in a larger story. G.K. Chesterton says that we have grown old; Jesus calls toward the fear-filled masses to have faith like a child. How else without maintaining faculties limbered by this faith can we remember how to create? To worship? To live? To love?

It is in these questions that Via Affirmativa was born.

If you have any interest in faith and art, read the whole statement, it’s really good, and echoes a lot of what’s on my heart.