Chesterton on the importance of play

Particularly in his masterpiece Orthodoxy, Chesterton insisted that we are created to live our lives as an adventure and that such things as art and wonder and play lie at the very core of the Christian faith rightly understood. Indeed, in his Autobiography he wrote:

[B]ut I for one have never left off playing, and I wish there were more time to play. I wish we did not have to fritter away on frivolous things, like lectures and literature, the time we might have given to serious, solid and constructive work like cutting out cardboard figures and pasting tinsel upon them. (Chesterton, 50)

Chesterton asserted that there is much more to Christian faith than intellectual assent and moral conformity to the creeds and doctrines. Faith, in fact, embraces imagination. (Peters, 9-10)

The more I read Chesterton, the more I love his words. Any comments?

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  1. Joshua Keel says:

    The man is amazing. That bit about cutting out cardboard figures is terrific!

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