It’s Wednesday evening, and I’m sitting at home in my office, staring at group of inspirational quotes on my wall. I’m not reading them, but instead looking at the collage of images that go along with them. I original put them up a few years ago as reminders to take risks and be confident. As much as I sit here, the words just stay on the wall, and out of my heart. Yet, if I were to read them now, they would resonate, because I feel inspiration inside, and a confidence that is not as easily shaken.

The temptation throughout life is to stop trying and give up. And each time I have given in to that temptation, life isn’t easier, but it is more miserable. Yet, God created me to be, and to overcome, and when I do, I find life. I watched Rescue Dawn last night with a friend, and I wondered as I watched, would I have that kind of will to live in those circumstances? Would I not let them beat me, or would I keep my head down so as not to attract attention? Hopefully I’ll never be in a situation like that, but life still gives me the opportunity to face those questions, and I can choose whether to be wholehearted or shut down. Right now, I happen to be inspired, and ready to take on the immense amount of ambiguity in my life right now. It’s not uncertainty. It’s opportunity.

A few quotes from my wall:
Nuture the dreams that inspire you to go beyond your limits.
Confidence is the inner voice that says you are becoming what you are capable of being.
Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir the blood. -Daniel Burnham
You know the rules. If you are falling, dive! -Joseph Campbell