Imagination Study – Open Discussion

With the last study, I had a few topics in mind, but ended up going with none. We’ve had some good discussion lately, but sometimes I feel that in trying to teach and facilitate, I’m losing a sense of dialogue. Sometimes it’s hard to be ‘in the moment’ when I’m leading people down a path. There’s value in having a plan and a path. Sometimes we only end up places because it’s planned.

Sometimes, though, we miss out on the scenery, and miss connecting with each other, because we’re so focused on the destination. There isn’t always room for what’s going on in our hearts, or the questions in our minds, when participating in a group. And so, I announced to the group there would be no topic. I wanted to see what they would do with it. What would they bring up? Would they stay focused? And if not, would they bring each other back to center? Would they take ownership? Overall, it was just a good laid back discussion, and it was nice for me to.

We talked about more than I can remember, including some charasmatic topics like being led by the spirit, and speaking in tongues. I read a quote from the book I’m reading, The Miracle of Dialogue. We shared and prayed, then departed.