Free Music Download from Everyday Joe’s Coffee House

Love, Everyday Joe’s, Vol 1 - No More Gloom

Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, has released a 19 song CD compilation in MP3 format:

“One part of the vision of Everyday Joe’s is to give back to the community as much as possible…whether that be monetarily, through in-kind donations, not charging for the use of the building, and now, through a free CD compilation for you.

Love, Everyday Joe’s- vol. 1: No More Gloom is now up for download by clicking here. This is an idea that had been brewing in our minds for some time and to see it come to fruition is fantastic. All the music on the album was donated by musicians who have played here. This will only be available for a limited time (until about Jan. 1) so don’t dilly dally. Get downloading!

Songs were donated by: Aboyandhiskite, Winderous Igloos, Eric Peters, Josh Dillard, Luke Flowers, Trace Bundy, Eva Holbrook, Kate Hurley, The Blackthorn Project, Tim Coons, Listener Project, The Apprentice, Jeremy Lister, Jonah Werner, Andrew Osenga, Katie Herzig, Aaron Strumpel, and Sleeping At Last.”