Going Offline

The world has changed. We’re now more connected than ever, worldwide. I love Facebook. It fits me so well. My only regret is that it didn’t exist when I went to college, as I had to maintain all my email and phone lists manually, and it took a lot more effort to keep in touch, and for a long time, I made the effort. There is a realization, though, that I can only really stay connected to so many people. To be overly connected may mean not being connected to any, to not be truly known, and to know. And even if known, how many I am committed to?

I surfed the pre-Internet, other known as Bulletin Board Systems. Email has been my friend a long time. I’m a lover of information. You might say that I like the noise and information overload, at least when it’s in front of me. That makes it all the more significant for me to say that I’m going offline, at least partially. Though I have cable as part of my rent, I won’t be having a TV. Though I often work from home, I won’t be having Internet at home. I should add that I do love video games, but I burned so many hours on them in my youth, I have no desire to continue doing so.

The main reason? Distraction. TV and Internet are easy distractions. Some of my desired pursuits, such as teaching myself graphic design, take focus and disciplined effort. Further, imagination, by it’s nature, needs room to grow.

The secondary reason is that I need to be less connected to data and more connected to people. It’s too easy to be ‘always on’ to information but not fully present when with people. That doesn’t even take into account all the people I might be inclined to connect with if distraction wasn’t so readily available.

So, that’s the plan. I’ll let you know how it goes. I should add that my cell phone will still be always on and I’ll use the Internet almost daily…just not as much.