The Faith of Joe Gibbs

I just read a great post about the Christian faith of former Washington Redskins coach, Joe Gibbs. The quotes in the article are fantastic. In this case, not because they won a championship (he didn’t, but has in the past), but because he’s thankful for the life he’s led, and in re-evaluating his priorities, he realizes that right now, family is more important.

From his personal website:

“Many times for me, I’ve had the wrong priorities in life,” he said. “Where should our profession be? I think it should be third in our life. First should be God and my relationship with him. Second should be my family and the influence I’m having on others. And that puts our profession where? Third. Many times for me, I’ve had it out of place where it shouldn’t be. For me, it’s been a struggle.”

When I was young, I didn’t watch sports, and wasn’t even sure of their place in a Christian’s life. Are they worldly? I had a conversation with someone last month who thinks so. Now, I don’t see any difference between working at a local business or being coach of the Redskins. It’s a job. Some jobs are more demanding than others though, and I have the deepest respect for Joe Gibbs’ humility as a Christian. They’ve dealt with quite a bit of adversity, and his leadership is part of what helped them stay together and finish strong. It’s more about what they accomplished together, as people, as a team, than the fact that they are football players.

I wonder how many people have been affected by Gibbs and his faith. He chose an unconventional path, and has remained faithful.