Moving Days

I moved to a new flat as of January 1st, which essentially means I’ve been in the process of moving the past few weeks. I’ve found that setting up a new place has quite an impact on my blogging. Thankfully, I am settled now. There are a few items to acquire, like a couch, kitchen chairs, etc. The house I’ve been in for the past 3 years is owned by my friend Mike, one of the best flatmates a guy could have. He’ll be married in a few months.

I’ve always had flatmates, and this by choice. I like living with people, having friends to chat with, whether deeply or just a few words. I feel ready to live alone now, though my hope is to not live alone too long. A wife within the next few years would be nice:)

The flat reflects me in many ways, and that really is the coolest part. There are pieces of New Zealand and photos I’ve taken to be found. The existing colors work really well, mostly earth tones of brown and green, with some white and, um, turquoise metal kitchen cabinets from the 50s. I’m trying to be aware of the visual experience a person has as they walk through my place. Atmosphere is important, after all. There was a time when these details wouldn’t have mattered to me, but now I see their place. My bathroom, for instance, has a tropical theme, with light green, light brown, and a little blue. It’s interesting how a small investment can turn the least exciting room in the apartment into something less ordinary.

I remember a story I heard about a missionary and the people they served. It is the local people who commented on how the missionaries’ house lacked color and beauty. We forget the power of beauty sometimes, don’t we?