Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights”

One of my favorite people in the marketing world is Guy Kawasaki. Guy writes a blog called How to Change the World, and funds a number of startups through Garage Technology Ventures. He got his start promoting the MAC for Apple in his early years, and offers quite a bit of ‘unconventional’ wisdom from his journey. It’s also significant that he is an avowed Christian, a fact he doesn’t hide. He talks openly about Christianity on his blog form time to time, yet he doesn’t spiritualize it by referring to anything he does as ministry. Rather, he is a marketer and businessman who’s faith informs and affects what he does in those roles. I have a great deal of respect for Guy, and I hope to one day be an influencer like he is, not because I feel a need to communicate a certain message about God and do certain things for God, but because the message so affects me, that I choose to live our the message, and being a person of influence in mainstream culture is a result of that.

Guy gave a commencement speech at Palo Alto High School in 2005.

It’s a short speech, and he gives some hindsights from his life as follows:

#10: Live off your parents as long as possible.
#9 Pursue joy, not happiness.
#8: Challenge the known and embrace the unknown.
#7: Learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument, and play non-contact sports.
#6: Continue to learn.
#5: Learn to like yourself or change yourself until you can like yourself.
#4: Don’t get married too soon.
#3: Play to win and win to play.
#2: Obey the absolutes.
#1: Enjoy your family and friends before they are gone.

If you like unconventional advice, like I do, I’d recommend reading the whole speech. I find it rather encouraging, especially #5 and #4, as it took me a long time to learn to like myself, and I am not yet married, and hey, I like all 10. Cheers.