Spotlight: Ruminate Magazine

Ruminate Magazine Ruminate Magazine is “a quarterly magazine for those who desire the space to share short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art that resonate with the complexity and truth of the Christian faith.” It is produced locally in Fort Collins, Colorado, and distributed nationally.

If you are a Christian and a writer or visual artist, you may be familiar with literary journals and magazines. Some colleges and high schools produce them. My Alma Mater did. The number of literary magazines produced by Christians is small, and of those, the quality of both the writing and production varies. Ruminate Magazine is not a magazine of Christian cliches and simple answers, but a thoughtful and well-put-together magazine of the highest quality.

As they say, “A good word, in and of itself, can be a spiritual endeavor expressing the beauty, creativity, and ironies of the human experience. Because of this, RUMINATE publishes work with both subtle and overt associations to the Christian faith as well as work that has no direct association.”

I’ve subscribed to their magazine myself, and we carry it at our coffee house. Check out their website to learn more about them, to subsribe, or to submit work of your own.