Waiting for God’s perfect timing

Ever been told to wait for God’s perfect timing? In His time?

I’ve been pondering that lately. I really have no idea what that even means.

Without a doubt, there is value to being patient, and letting things fall in place. Some things just take time, like spiritual growth, for instance.

Tell me, though: Is there any reference in the Bible to God’s perfect timing as it relates to our individual lives? I’m not aware of any. Further, I’m not aware of any Scripture that talks about our lives being perfect, with God providing the ‘perfect’ job and perfect ‘spouse.’ All of this occurs, of course, in God’s ‘perfect timing.’ If your life is going to fit perfectly into God’s perfect will, it probably helps to live a relatively ‘perfect’ life in the first place so you can be ‘perfectly’ in God’s will and not make any mistakes, lest your life isn’t perfect and you don’t get what’s perfect for you.

I’ve seen God work in my life despite myself, and there are things I haven’t pursued that I have been blessed with. However, there are also things I haven’t pursued in life that I don’t have. I can’t help but wonder if we too often use God’s timing as a copout to avoid risk and personal responsibility. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Waiting for God’s perfect timing”

  1. Daryle says:

    It is a complete copout. In my opinion the Bible says the opposite of waiting. James 2 says that faith without action is dead. I do not consider waiting action. So those who wait do not have faith, they have fear.

  2. Greyscribe says:

    Hmm… I suspect the emphasis should be on seeking God in the world around us and in what we do. Seeking is an active task, but it also implies there is a goal outside of ourselves and our wants…

  3. Seth Daire says:

    Matthew 6:33 says to seek God first, though that command doesn’t eliminate seeking other things on a secondary level. Part of the challenge in seeking God is determining whether our wants are in line with what God desires, and even if so, if this will end up happening sooner or later. It seems like ‘timing’ in my life is often dependent on when I finally make a decision and step out in faith, with the result unknown.

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