Spotlight: Everyday Joe’s Coffee House

Everyday Joe’s Coffee House Everyday Joe’s Coffee House is a nonprofit coffee house in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the outreach ministry of Timberline Oldtown Church, which meets in the coffee house on Sunday mornings. It’s the coffee house and church of which I am a part.

What does it mean to do ‘outreach’ and ‘ministry’? They are two words that have gained a fairly negative reputation among non-Christians…and even among some Christians. While noble in intent, they sometimes end up being nothing more than one-way communication from Christian to non-Christian, where no real communication takes place, and no relationship is built. When we talk and fail to listen, it can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

What does it mean to be a coffee house, run by Christians? Everyday Joe’s Coffee House is a place people come to. Conversation takes place. Walls come down. God works in our midst. He works in people’s hearts here, but not because of programs, but more because we provide a space where we get out of the way, a space where people can be themselves, a space where we can listen and gain understanding with one another. We have concerts on Friday and Saturday, but the concerts may or may not be performed by Christians. We have art on the walls, sometimes by Christians, sometimes not. We have little to none religious imagery. Is this our philosophy of ministry? No, it comes from our heart of who we are.

It’s a crossroads that not everyone is comfortable with. For some who favor an overt Christian message, we’re not Christian enough. For some who know we’re affiliated with a church, the fact that we’re Christians is enough for them to distrust us. But for others, there’s dialogue…and community. We learn from each other and get closer to each other as fellow humans.

We strive for quality too, because people are important. Sometimes in Christian circles we are cheap, really cheap, all while telling people how much we love them. We have our financial limitations, but even so, we have a quality espresso machine, use high end coffee, make homemade chai, and train our mostly volunteer staff how to pull quality shots. It’s good coffee. If you’re ever in Northern Colorado, please stop by.

For more information visit our website at

Our executive director maintained a blog for a few years that has a number of details about Everyday Joe’s.

Our event coordinator just started a new blog to go along with our e-newsletter called Appendix E-J. The latest post, written by me, is here.

Let me know if you have any questions.