A New Look!

The Christian Imagination now has a new look! I’ve been planning to update the design all along to something more in line with the topic. I’m a web designer by trade, but coming up with a design from scratch that I’m happy with is an intensive process. I took a look at a number of existing templates for ideas, and actually came across one that had most of the elements I was looking for. What you are looking at is a revision of that design.

I’ve been wanting to have illustrated art as part of the design, whether I draw myself or pay someone else to do it. This illustration will do to start with, which should be familiar to some of you. I will probably do something custom later on. I’ve always wanted to move to a design that had dark text on a light background. While the reverse looks cool, it just isn’t as readable. I also wanted something a little less linear and boxy. This design has some elements that make it flow a little better. It looks more like a design.

So, I’m happy with it for now. On to other projects…

One thought on “A New Look!”

  1. b-nut says:

    Very Nice.

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