Spotlight: Paste Magazine

paste_40_michael_jackson_160x196.jpg Paste Magazine is one of the fastest growing entertainment publications in the US. Based in Decatur, Georgia, the magazine was founded as a quarterly in July 2002 by Josh Jackson, Nick Purdy, and Tim Porter. The magazine‚Äôs mission is to discover and champion Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture, introducing its readers to inspired and inspiring music, books, film, games and other art forms. In 2005, Paste was listed at #21 on The Chicago Tribune’s list of “50 Best Magazines.” It was also named Magazine of the Year by the PLUG Independent Music Awards in both 2006 and 2007.

Paste Magazine is available nationwide, including every Borders and Tower in North America. They even followed in the steps of Radiohead and let readers choose their own price for a limited period of time. It’s primary focus is on music, most noteably adult-album-alternative, Americana and indie rock.

One Paste writer, Andy Whitman, had this to say about Paste:

A few months later the first issue of Paste Magazine showed up in my mailbox…It was a slick, professional-looking magazine, printed on nice paper, with color photos and an eye-catching layout, and a bunch of genuinely well-written articles on music, film, books, and popular culture….

They had a vision for something a lot better than a photocopied fanzine, and a vision for engaging the culture as Christians. They didn’t put out a “Christian” magazine. That was never their intention. But they put out a magazine that was true to its tagline: “Signs of Life in Music, Film, and Culture.” By focusing on what was excellent, creative, thought-provoking, beautiful, challenging — wherever it might be found — they tried to raise the level of general cultural discourse.

Paste Magazine. Quality publication. Founded by Christians. Part of the conversation with the culture at large.