Spotlight: Invisible Children

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I saw Black is for Sunday last night, the latest from Invisible Children. Northern Uganda has Africa’s longest running war:

The war in northern Uganda has been called the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world today. For the past 21 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government have been waging a war that has left nearly two million innocent civilians caught in the middle. The Ugandan government has failed to protect its citizens from this rebel militia that has murdered mothers and buried the young, leaving an entire generation of youth that has never known peace.

The war has displaced a large number of Ugandans. In Black is for Sunday, a few people from Invisible Children go there to live among the Displaced to get a brief glimpse into their plight.

One of the advantages of globalization is that we now have a better idea what is going on in the rest of the world. While it can still feel overwhelming to do anything about it, people are finding ways. Not only that, but a lot of the people finding ways are the youth and young adults in the land. No one is too young to charge the world…