Why do I talk about culture so much?

This is a book about Imagination, after all. Christian Imagination to be specific.

It’s because culture defines us and how we interact with others. It’s a context, and the words we say have a certain meaning based on the context, the stories, and what we are told is true. Guess what? We assume things based on what teachers, parents, political leaders, pastors, and friends tell us. We may look at changes in the family and lament how they are different now, looking back to the good old days. The thing is, sometimes the ‘good old days’ weren’t as good as we’d like to think. Tradition isn’t always as old as we think it is. Nature isn’t always as natural as we think. We make assumptions based on premises that aren’t always correct. We interpret the Bible based on cultural norms that may be incorrect.

When we lack imagination, we get stuck. We lose hope. We cease to dream. We cease to look for meaning. We may even lose sight of the unseen God. Imagination isn’t about options or challenging the status quo. It’s about seeing, and searching, and seeking, for that which is true, for that which stirs the heart. It’s about being in the presence of God and letting God define and change us rather than the culture. It’s about our relationship with God, about His love, and our love for Him.

American culture has infiltrated Christianity to the point where we don’t even see the disconnect.