Why a Christian Imagination?

I just came across this post by Traci Giles called: Why a Christian Imagination?
Here’s an excerpt:

Some might argue that to have a “Christian” imagination is to limit the creativity available to the mind. The imagination is a porthole to other worlds; it is a gift that allows one to frame their own reality. So what would one gain from having a Christian worldview? If the imagination is simply the “creative faculty of the mind” why do people feel the need to put an adjective in front of it? Why a “Christian” imagination?

The imagination is an integral part of who we are as created people. As Christians we believe that we were formed by a Creator, who brought us to life through His power and imagination. Our existence is a result of our Maker’s hand. Our life both in the present and into eternity is a gift given by God that enables us to experience living both for ourselves and for Him. Madeline L’Engle in her book Walking on Water, discusses this in reference to time. She says, “In kairos (time) we become what we are called to be as human beings, co-creators with God, touching on the wonder of creation. This calling should not be limited to artists—or saints—but it is a fearful calling”.

Now, the very fact she is quoting L’Engle is enough to make it quote-worthy:)
That said, I highly suggest you read the whole thing if you can, as she has some good insight.

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