Gathering Places

I recently back to the county where I grew up to spend some time with family and attend a high school reunion. It’s been awhile since I’ve been back, and it was a good time to get some perspective.

Way back when, I had thought about the need for a place to gather, to network, to be with people, in the city near where I lived. While there are likely some, there still aren’t many, and that became all the more real when I was there.

It’s then that I’m very thankful that I do have a place to go in Fort Collins, Colorado. There are a number of parks and coffee houses, and then, my coffee house, Everyday Joe’s, which truly is a gathering place where I can go and see many of the same faces each week, and perhaps meet some new ones.

In a culture where it’s so easy to stay in touch, it’s sometimes difficult to actually be touched, and have people connect with our souls. We can so easily be isolated in our offices or living rooms, watching TV, playing video games, or whatever the distraction of the day is. To be fair, technology has the potential to connect or isolate, depending on how we use it.

Is the church a place people gather? Or perhaps it really is the gathering itself (my preferred view). And when people walk into that gathering, do they feel isolated…or do they find connection? I believe a church is a people, not a place, but that doesn’t mean the place isn’t important. We need places, with people, to go and be. And when we find one, let’s appreciate it, because they aren’t always easy to find.

4 thoughts on “Gathering Places”

  1. Adam Lehman says:

    how true. in moving to a new place (columbus, oh) i’ve grown to realize how easy it is to stay connected with those far away, but how difficult it can be to break into a social network in a new place.

    wonderful post.

    i stole a line and posted it on my blog.

  2. Andi says:

    I absolutely agree – the need for places – physical spaces – for people to connect is vital. And the church should be a place of people, where all people feel safe to come, be, and become more of who God made them to be.
    Nice to find your blog.

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