Find our way again

Jason Clark mentions Brian McClaren’s new book, Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices, on his blog, and points to this post for a review.

This is the comment I wrote on the post:

Richard Foster wrote arguably the best overview of the spiritual disciplines in Celebration of Discipline. McClaren will no doubt introduce these concepts to a wider audience. I love the irony of a progressive Christian calling the church back to the traditional spiritual disciplines. The traditional church isn’t always as traditional as it claims to be.

One thought on “Find our way again”

  1. adam lehman says:

    the thing about Richard Foster is…he wasn’t really accepted by a bunch of Christians in varying circles, much like McLaren. People thought that Foster was recommending “works based” salvation and whatnot. So, i think foster vary much fit into the mold of progressive thinker.

    also, i think mclaren’s book, though i’ve only heard brian talk about it, will be much more of an overview than foster’s book.

    but that’s just a thought.

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