Stuff Christian Culture Likes

Not long ago, quite recently in fact, some guys started a blog, for fun, called, Things White People Like. It quickly became popular, really popular. They now have a book deal. And it has spawned numerous imitators…people writing about their own subcultures.

I was doing a Google search for Christian culture, and found Stuff Christian Culture Likes. She just started, in August 2008, and has 44 posts so far. In her about, she says, “Christian culture is funny because it doesn’t have much (if anything) to do with Christ himself.”

Her commentary is amusing, and sometimes satirical. Good stuff.

In #32, Formulas, she says: “Formulas are at the core of Christian culture: distract yourself from the unsavory realities of faith and relationship and focus instead on projects and being “certain” instead of “struggling with God.” It really is a lot easier this way, but the price is that you can’t be a whole person.”