Preparing for Recession

Mustard Seed Associates recently published their Seed Sampler newsletter on the topic of Recession Preparedness: October 2008 Seed Sampler. Links to a few of the articles are below:

Recession is Looming: How Can We Prepare?
Ideas for Recession Preparedness
Lessons Learned from Church Disaster Plans
How to Help the Most Vulnerable

Tom Sine, of MSA, has written quite a bit on globalization and planning for the future while keeping up on and anticipating trends, with special attention given to what this means for the church in the US and worldwide.

I have read and heard a lot of things about the level of consumption in the US and questions about the sustainability of our consumerism, especially as the rest of the world modernizes. Colorado, where I live, has an above average economy, and has already been slimming down the last decade after the dotcom bubble burst. We still feel it though, and as always, the poorest among us feel it, and those in other parts of the country, and those in other parts of the world. And if rises prices make it harder for Americans, just think how that is affecting people in other parts of the world who were paying higher costs to begin with?

Sometimes this is what it takes to get us to notice our neighbors…