Quality or Quantity?

I’ve haven’t been writing as much lately. A lot has been going on with family, work, and otherwise. I’ve also been thinking about this blog and my plans for it. Writing takes time. Good writing takes even more time. Blog posts tend to be quick and short, ideally written multiple times a week, if not daily. One problem I have is that a lot of what I want to say takes time to write. There is the challenge of quality vs. quantity.

Ideally, I’d like everything I write to have sources. It’s easier to churn out posts of just commentary, sans sources. Is that better? It depends what I’m talking about. If it’s personal, not so much. If it’s about others, then can I back up what I say, and will I? If not, am I just adding to the noise out there? And if so, is that really helpful?

So, I’d going to change the direction of this website a bit and zero in on topics more. That will mean less posts than are more focused and longer. More importantly, that will mean better proof-reading. Just because I know what I want to say, doesn’t mean I will say it well on first draft. I also may not catch stupid statements I make which are clearly wrong without writing multiple drafts.

Lastly, I’ve deleted most of my political posts. It’s nice to get traffic on them and all, but getting into that charged topic isn’t why I started this website. I’ll leave that to others.

If you have any topics you’d like to see written about, let me know.


One thought on “Quality or Quantity?”

  1. Kevin Wells says:

    ‘Writing takes time. Good writing takes even more time.’

    Simple and succinct, Seth. I believe this will make it into the quote rotation on my own site.

    I like your idea for this site. And the design colors are great. These sort of sites are like children – the more you put into them the more they need. But the result is stunning.

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