Is it “have faith” or “by faith” ?

I was just thinking about an area of my life and faith. I recall that I am told to ‘have faith.’ Good words, because God is sovereign, and I don’t want to give myself credit that should be given to God. Yet, ‘have faith’ sounds so passive, and maybe that’s what frustrates me. The idea of waiting for something to happen for me, to me. I can think of examples in my life where that has been the case. At the moment, though, I like the idea of ‘by faith’ which to me involves active participation. Hebrews 11 talks about what many people did by faith. They weren’t just sitting around waiting for God to do something, waiting for life to happen. They lived by faith.

It’s hard to have faith if there’s nothing I can do. It’s easier if I have a part to play. Perhaps, though, there really isn’t such a thing as passive faith. For prayer is an action as much as loving my neighbor. Even then, I feel I’m missing the point. Because really, it’s about relationship. If there’s a relationship, suddenly that whole trust thing becomes a whole lot easier.