Small Planes

I went to college in Central Pennsylvania. Between Central PA, Lancaster Country, Philadelphia, there are a lot of good bands. I heard quite a few live in my time there, but somehow, I never heard The Innocence Mission. I do have their songs though, and they are quite moving, in a way that typifies The Innocence Mission.

I really like their album Small Planes, and in particular, the song Small Planes:

I know what you mean,
when you want to run to meet the world,
intentions may not carry you far.

I want to be like Sister Veronica,
whose life connects with so many lives.

My words to him
they didn’t touch him, not at all.
And I never can say what I mean to say.

Small planes are here
but they never leave my room at all.

Full lyrics are here, at the bottom of the page.

This is one of those songs that conveys a lot with very few words. It’s a song I feel, the sense of longing and disappointment. Musings about what we desire to be, what we desire to do, and how often we, just, don’t get anywhere, don’t end up being what we envision. This song isn’t about conclusions. It’s more about the journey, and the heart beyond it. And sometimes, it’s just nice to know I’m not the only one who feels like this.

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  1. I also was moved with the music of The Innocence Mission. I listened to them when I am feeling down.

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