That mystical, supernatural element to church services

Does the title seem strange at all? In writing it, I’m wondering what the assumptions will be. For someone from a charismatic background, it might seem normal. Someone else might be wondering if I’m bordering on eastern religious talk. Really, though, that’s not what I’m talking about. I sometimes wonder if we, as a whole, are comfortable with talking about the supernatural as Christians. Now, talking about God as a known system, where if we do A, then God does B, that is knowable. Talking about the things that we control on Sunday morning, that is knowable. But what about the part that isn’t? Do we really believe in that part? Or is it really not any different from a social club like Rotary?

I’ve been doing a fair amount of soul searching of late, and haven’t been in church services as much. Even before I went this morning, I was thinking that what I miss when I’m not there is the part that is hard to quantify, the part that is mystical, that part that God does which is beyond understanding. God can work anywhere, and does. But when we strip away all the details of what makes a church service, there is simply a bunch of people who gather, some happy, some broken, some rich, some poor, and we all bow at the foot of the cross in need of Christ and worship. There’s a beauty to it. And this morning, that’s what I love about gathering together.