Running in a 200 mile relay to raise money for The Matthews House

the-matthews-houseSome friends and I are running in the Wild West Relay this year as a fundraiser for The Matthews House in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Matthews House is a great nonprofit that my church and coffee house have a relationship with. Many of the staff, including the founder, are Christian. As they say on their website:

The Matthews House strives to fill the current gap in services for at-risk youth transitioning to adulthood by providing the resources and support necessary to empower these youth to take control of their lives, shape positive futures for themselves and become successful contributors to their community.

Many of these youth have not had the influence of a stable caring adult and they frequently do not have the skills necessary for living independently, retaining a job, solving problems, managing money and building solid relationships. Without these skills, many will re-enter the justice or human services systems as adults.

So, along with 11 other people, we are going to meet early in the morning on August 7th and begin a footrace from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs, about 200 miles! We will split up into 2 vans, with runners 1-6 in the first, 7-12 in the second. Once the 1st runner starts, the van will leapfrog to the start of the 2nd leg, and we’ll go from there. Distances range from 2.5 to 9.8. Each of us runs 3 times in what will likely be a 30 hour period. It’ll be a blast!

If you would be included to donate to The Matthews House, go to their Matthews House Run for Hope: Wild West Relay page and then click on the red Donate link, then choose my name, Seth Daire, from the dropdown list. A $5 or $10 donation would help greatly.

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  1. God Bless you in what you do in His kingdom!

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