Making coffee


In this case, it means making espresso with using Novo coffee beans in a La Marzocco machine. Quite good. I like manual espresso machines. They give one the potential to make a really great shot of espresso coffee. Automated machines, such as used at Starbucks, provide a consistently average, but good, espresso shot. This approach has merit. But, the art is removed. The art that requires work, talent, practice, hope, expectation. The beauty that can be reached as light and heat and humidity affect the beans throughout the day, as the grind is set, as the tamp is pressed, and the button is pushed to send a specific temperature of hot water coursing through the grounds into a cup.


Why do I volunteer as a barista? I’m not always sure. Maybe so I can be crafted by the master barista. Being down here I serve, regardless of what I’ve gone through in the past week, and what I have yet to do. I step aside, clean tables, make coffee, listen a bit more, and focus on people. It leaves room for serendipity. For a brief, but meaningful conversion with Doug and Anna. And a girl who I danced with once remembering that I am part of this place who walked in to say hi.

And with that, I reopen this blog for conversation.