The Return of the King, Jesus the Christ

You probably know that I am a Tolkien fan. I’m using a Hobbit banner, and one of my popular posts is about Tolkien’s view of evil. When I was in New Zealand during the “Return of the King” world premiere, the church I was attending, who was along the parade route, decided to put up a big sign that said, “The Return of the King of Kings. Every Sunday at 10am” or whatever their service time was. At the time, I found it anticlimactic, as I was more excited about Tolkien’s Return of the King story.

How is it that the grand narrative in the Bible so often seems unexciting? Is heaven just too far off? Do we reduce it to the point where it is just a book of methods? Maybe we don’t talk about it enough.

It is easy to get discouraged in today’s world. We hear of suffering and evil daily. We see people with power abuse it.

Not long ago, I found a post called Return of the King. Tony Reinke talks about Jesus, the King of Kings, using a lot of Biblical language. It stirred by heart, and excited me about the Return of the King, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Justice will be served. Mankind’s delusions of power will be brought down. The lion will not be tame.

Thanks Tony, for the reminder.