Writing in 2010

It’s 2010, and I’m thinking about what to write about this year. I received a comment on one of my posts suggesting I elaborate more on the topic. Most of my posts are not intended to be comprehensive. Part of the challenge of writing for an Internet audience is understanding what people are looking for. A long article may take too much time for many to read. A short post may not have enough substance. Elaborating more on topics like postmodernism, modernism, high & low culture, and such would be a good idea, considering that people are searching for info on them.

Writing on one’s own blog is the easy route in so many ways. Deadlines and topics are self-imposed. When busy, it’s easy for it to take a back seat. When I do write, it’s easier to write a short post than a long one, as it takes less time. I have a list of possible posts, and most of them will take some thought to write. I’d like to point out what Christians are doing that is encouraging and making a difference for Christ. I have some resources to draw from, but even that takes time. There are other topics I could write about, and perhaps some I haven’t though of. I’d welcome any feedback you have. I’ve also pondered writing a few articles and submitting them to other publications. We’ll see what the year brings.

I’m going to be writing about what we’ve been doing at our church, and specifically about some of what I’ve been involved in as we learn to serve one another and be in community.


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  1. I guess we are all pondering new writing projects for 2010. I just wrote a similar post about my writing goals for 2010.

    I am looking forward to following your blog. I found it by searching the words “Christian & Imagination”. These are two words I hold close to my heart.

    -Alisa Hope

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