Caesar is not God

The following quote is from page 9 of Their Blood Cries Out: The Worldwide Tragedy of Modern Christians Who are Dying for Their Faith. It’s an excellent book on the Persecuted Church worldwide.

One thing we can say is that the assault on Christians is a fundamental part of the assault on human freedom itself. Many Christians are leading democracy and human-rights activists. They are also in the forefront of economic development. But perhaps more important than what they do is who they are. While usually loyal citizens, they embody an attachment to “another King,” a loyalty to a standard of spiritual allegiance apart from the political order. This fact itself denies that the state is the all encompassing or ultimate arbiter of human life. Regardless of how the relation between God and Caesar has been expressed, it now at least means that, contra to Romans and modern totalitarians, Caesar is not God. This confession, however mute, sticks in the craw of every authoritarian regime and draws their angry and bloody response.

They quote above really drove home to me how significant it is to believe in another King. That belief in another King also implies there are laws apart from what a ruler or governing body say they are. There is an absolute truth other than what the state says is true.

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One thought on “Caesar is not God”

  1. I agree. Both GK Chesterton and CS Lewis have good things to say about this, that in the end its loyalty to heaven that defends the world and preserves its deepest values. As Lewis says somewhere Aim at earth and you lose even that, aim at heaven and you get earth thrown in” And GKC has a whole discussion of it in his great book Orthodoxy. I found this site via an ‘imagination’ search. We need Christians with what Lewis called “a baptised imagination” as there are some truths that only come to us through imagination. as Shakespeare says “Imagination apprehends more than cool reason ever comprehends1”

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