Painting: Gare Saint Lazare


Monet’s paintings were derided as unfinished by the artists of the Salon in Paris. My copy of this Monet Gare Saint Lazare painting is even more unfinished. I’m a beginner, so I’m happy enough to start with resemblance.

I knew almost nothing about Impressionism before spending time in Europe this summer. After seeing a lot of religious paintings that had very similar themes, Impressionist paintings were a nice visual change of pace. Standing close gave one appearance, while standing far away gave a different view.

In trying to paint this one, I realized just how many different tones made up Monet’s painting. Flannery O’Connor mentioned that she knew writers who painted as a way to learn to see. I like that. I don’t always see the world as it is at first glance. Trying to replicate what I’m looking at shows me just how much detail I miss. I think I’m going to enjoy the process.